Park Kyung Files Request For Delay Of Enlistment Date Due To “Sajaegi” Investigation

He filed for the delay because he’s being questioned int he investigation.

Block B‘s Park Kyung has requested to delay his military enlistment due to the sajaegi investigations.

On January 6, his agency Seven Seasons released a statement confirming that Park Kyung has requested to delay his military enlistment in order to take part in questioning regarding the controversy about sajaegi.


The statement revealed that he had received a notice for enlistment on January 21. So far, he has only put in for a request, and nothing has confirmed yet regarding the delay of his enlistment.

Previously, on November 24, 2019, Park Kyung uploaded a since-deleted tweet on Twitter revealing names of specific artists who allegedly used sajaegi. The tweet read:


I wish I could manipulate the charts like group Vibe, Song Hayea, Lim Jae Hyun, Jeon Sang Keun, Jang Deok Chul, Hwang In Wook.

—Park Kyung

The artists mentioned in his Tweet filed for legal action against him regarding the spreading of false rumors and defamation.

Group: Vibe


Park Kyung’s agency further commented,


Park Kyung will go along with the necessary actions needed regarding his statement revealing names of specific artists. We hope that this situation will help bring light to this topic and help in finding a healthy solution to fix this problem.

—Seven Seasons


After Park Kyung’s original message about sajaegi, multiple artists have also spoken up about sajaegi. Earlier, during the 2019 MAMA, BTS‘s Jin made a subtle statement about chart manipulation, and fellow member RM also made a statement about it at the 34th Golden Disc Awards.

Source: OSEN

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