K-Pop Fansite Goes Viral For Somehow Whitewashing A White Music Artist

International fans are clowning them.

Fansites are certainly one of the most controversial figures in the K-Pop fan community. They are dedicated fans that often travel to their favorite K-Pop idols’ events and concerts to take the best HD photos and videos of them.

Some are sasaengs (stalker fans) that sneak their camera gear into venues, but some fansites are also in partnership with the idol’s company.

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The sasaengs have certainly given fansites a bad reputation. But regardless of the stalker-like behavior of some fansites, many international K-Pop fans also dislike how often Korean fansites “whitewash” their idols.

EXO’s Suho
GOT7’s Jinyoung

Fansites are known to lighten the complexion of idols by cooling color temperature and/or increasing exposure, which often results in unnatural and even ghostly appearances.

EXO’s Kai

International K-Pop fans are disappointed when an idol’s natural complexion is disregarded, removing their melanin to fit someone else’s beauty standards.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang
VIXX’s N (also known as Cha Hak Yeon)

Yet, K-Pop idols are not the only music artists that fansites have whitewashed.

A P1Harmony fansite, honeywater, recently went viral for whitewashing another artist… That was already White.

British pop trio New Hope Club, composed of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith, has returned to South Korea again. They recently collaborated with P1Harmony for the digital single “Super Chic.”

While New Hope Club was in South Korea, honeywater captured some cute photos of Reece Bibby. He blew a kiss to fans!

i received a kiss

— @ p1h_honeywater/Twitter

A day later, honeywater shared the edited HD photos of Reece. And there was an obvious difference from the unedited versions.

The tweet soon went viral for the wrong reasons. International K-Pop fans called out the fansite for “whitewashing a white man” in the quote-tweets.

Netizens were in disbelief that someone could make him paler than he already was. Many said he looked more like a vampire or ghost now.

Previously, New Hope Club went viral for their “ending fairy” moments. So, they’ve just about gotten the entire K-Pop idol treatment now. Read more below.

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