The Female K-Pop Artist Who Is Including “Good Sex” In Her New Year’s Resolutions

Fans are praising her candid post!

It’s that time of the year when many people start to buckle down on what they want their resolutions going into the new year will be. Whether focusing on a single serious goal for 2023 or deciding on several smaller ones, everyone has their own plans for how they want to start off the next chapter of their lives going into next year!

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K-Pop idols are no exception, and sometimes they share with their fans what their New Year’s resolutions are with their fans.

One singer, however, has shared several of her goals for 2023 with fans, and one of them stood out to people more than others!

On December 27, soloist Baek Yerin made a post on her Instagram account with what appeared to be a self-written list of resolutions for the next year.

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While the list of twelve goals includes fairly common resolutions such as “work out more” and “drink less”, it was the inclusion of “good sex” that had netizens talking!


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Sex is still quite a taboo topic in the K-Pop industry, so seeing a female K-Pop idol openly share such a goal was an admirably candid move by Baek Yerin. And netizens are appreciative of her honesty.

We hope that the new year brings a fresh new start for all of Baek Yerin’s resolutions for 2023, and that all of our readers have a great start to 2023 as well!

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