Popular K-Pop Girl Group Idol Captured In Front Of A “Big 3” Boy Group Idol’s Apartment, Sparking Dating Rumors

They’ve had several dating rumors in the past!

Recently, some photos have been shared online that allegedly show a popular K-Pop girl group idol lingering in front of the apartment of a “Big Three” company idol.

Alleged famous K-Pop girl group idol near male idol’s apartment

In the photos, the female idol appears to be on her phone, possibly communicating with whoever lives in the apartment — presumably, the male idol in question.

Alleged famous K-Pop girl group idol near male idol’s apartment

Apparently, the two idols thought to be involved in these photos are a pair who have had several dating rumors in the past, leading to further speculation that the assumptions about these photos are true.

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The two idols in question? ITZY‘s Ryujin and NCT‘s Haechan.

Haechan (Left) and Ryujin (Right)

The dating rumors began when Haechan was found to be following ITZY’s VLive channel in May 2021. Since he only followed ITZY’s and NCT’s own channels, fans became suspicious that he was close with someone in the girl group.


Around the same time, Ryujin was also speaking up about wanting to take time to make herself “look nicer,” which some fans believe was because of her potential involvement with Haechan.

Ryujin | SBS

Along with this, the two idols share similar items such as Bluetooth headphones, phone cases, Adidas shoes, and Apple watches. Many rumors flew that these may be couple items.

There have been other little hints and rumors here and there about the two popular idols dating. Still, their respective companies — JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment — have not spoken up about their possible relationship.

Source: Daily Naver and Wikitree