Second-Generation K-Pop Girl Group Idol Is Going Viral For Her Unreal Visuals

“Know about her??? MF I’ve been in love with her (platonic) for over ten years 😭”

These days, it seems like fourth-generation girl group idols are going viral on a daily basis for their beauty. Visual queens like aespa‘s KarinaNMIXX‘s Sullyoon, and IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung (to name just a few) are known for their gorgeous looks as much as their musical talent, and it’s well-deserved!

Sullyoon (NMIXX) | SBS

Occasionally, though, an older generation female idol will go suddenly and unexpectedly viral as K-Pop fans discover or rediscover them, and that has recently been the case for a well-known idol from the early second generation of K-Pop.

Nana (After School)

On a post on an online Korean forum, the stunning visuals of Rainbow member Jaekyung has seen a resurgence in her popularity as people share pictures of her incredibly proportions and beautiful features!

Jaekyung (Rainbow)

Born on December 24, 1988, Jaekyung is the leader, main dancer, lead vocalist, visual, and face of the group of Rainbow, which debuted on November 14, 2009 with the EP Gossip Girl.

Though the group never was hugely successful — with a lot of the blame being put on their label, DSP Media, for poor management — Jaekyung herself received a lot of praise for her visuals and talent as an idol and, later on, as an actress as well.

Rainbow officially disbanded in 2016, but the group had a reunion in November 2019 for their ten-year anniversary and released the song “Over the Rainbow”. That same year, Jaekyung played the role of Veronica Park in the K-Drama The Secret Life of My Secretary, which earned her a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards.

Most recently she played the role of Kim Han-mi in the drama Again My Life. She’s also known for being the older sister of N.Flying‘s drummer, Jaehyun!

Fans of Jaekyung and Rainbow are reminiscing about the days when the group was active together and Jaekyung was a K-Pop idol on the post about her visuals.

We wish nothing but success and happiness for Jaekyung with her acting career, and whatever else she decides to pursue in the future!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa