“K-Pop” Idol Spotted With Mystery Woman — There’s An Unexpected K-Drama Plot Twist

Korean netizens were living for the “drama!”

There is trouble for boy group Eclipse after a member was spotted with a mysterious woman… but there’s an unexpected plot twist.

Boy group Eclipse

Since their debut, Eclipse has won the hearts of so many fans.

Yet, it seems like the group has come into some issues after member Ryu Sun Jae was caught with a mysterious woman. In an article “shared” on April 30, the headline read, “Eclipse ‘Ryu Sun-jae’ holds an umbrella with a mysterious woman, a scene of love fleeing in the night…”


In a tweet posted by the group’s “account,” they revealed that because the photo was shared by fellow member Baek In Hyuk and the disappointment caused by Sun Jae’s actions, the group would be suspending activities for a day.

This is the Eclipse Music Team. After today’s concert, there has been much talk regarding a photo posted by member Baek In Hyuk. Fans reported that member Ryu Sun Jae went to a hotel with a woman instead of joining the after-party. Due to the significant disappointment caused by member Ryu Sun Jae to both the team and the fans, we have decided to suspend the team’s activities for one day. We apologize.

-The Eclipse Audio Team

While it seems very serious and gained a lot of attention, fans know that the boy group Eclipse is actually fictional and comes from the K-Drama Lovely Runner.

The poster for “Lovely Runner” | tvN

Ryu Sun Jae isn’t actually an idol but is actually the name of the character in the show, played by Byeon Woo Seok, and the “mystery” woman is the character Lim Sol, played by Kim Hye Yoon. The picture comes from a scene in one of the episodes where the two are running to the car, holding an umbrella.

Also, the person who posted the picture, Baek In Hyuk, is actually played by IRL idol N.Flying‘s Seunghyub.

In the comments, when the tweet and clipping were shared on the Korean forum Theqoo, netizens played along with the whole story, and it was hilarious. At the same time, others were taken by surprise when they clicked on the post because they hadn’t watched the show.




| theqoo
  • Frankly, without Ryu Sun Jae, Eclipse would have just a handful of fans left. It’s you who should leave. Do you think it’ll be okay without Ryu Sun-jae?
  • Oh, shit, I got really scared because I don’t watch dramas, thinking it was real.
  • I thought it was real because I don’t watch dramas… I looked up if that actor was an idol. LOL.
  • Was Baek In-hyuk doing it on purpose?
  • In Hyuk has no considerationㅠㅠ
  • Ryu Sun Jae, resign. Is 15 years a joke?? Are fans just supposed to open their wallets? Missing the after-party of a concert after five years isn’t enough, taking a photo with a woman? How did you hide it all this time;;; I regret following you around all this time, seriously.

It shows how much of an impact the show is having on netizens.

Source: theqoo and theqoo
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