K-Pop Hair Stylists Reveal The #1 Problem With Idols Dyeing Their Hair Red

But you can’t deny how gorgeous red hair looks on idols 😍

K-Pop fans love to see their idols with bright and unnatural hair colors, and one of the biggest fan favorites has to be red hair. However, there is one key problem when it comes to idols dying their hair red. Two experienced K-Pop hair stylists revealed all in a new interview.

Over the years, hair stylists Goya and Aeri have worked with numerous K-Pop stars across several popular salons, including Jenny House in Gangnam. Their combined client list includes members of Wanna One, Super Junior, NU’EST, Fiestar, EXID, VIXX, and more. So, with all that experience under their belts, who better to reveal the secrets of idol hair styling—including the problem with red hair?

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From boy group stars like BTS‘s V and TXT‘s Taehyun

… to girl group stars like Red Velvet‘s Joy and aespa‘s Ningning

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… numerous K-Pop idols have tried out the red hair trend over the years. However, when one commenter brought up red hair in Goya and Aeri’s “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, the two hair stylists vehemently agreed that there is one key problem with red hair: color bleeding.

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After just one rehearsal,” Goya revealed, “This kind of red dyeing will make your sweat blood“—not real blood, of course, but it certainly looks similar. Aeri went on to explain that out of all hair dye options, red dye seems to run the most. So, when idols sweat during performances, the dye mixes in to create an appearance like dripping blood.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

The AYO commenter brought up EXO‘s Baekhyun specifically, who once dyed his hair red right before a performance. As soon as he started sweating, the color flooded out like blood.

But Aeri actually had her own red-haired idol struggle story to shared. Once, she explained, she was working with EXID‘s Hani, who had long hair at the time. After dyeing her hair red, the color ended up bleeding out and staining her outfit, rendering it ruined. “The stylist director went, ‘Do you hate me…?’,” she recalled.

Plus, alongside creating red sweat and staining outfits, the way red hair bleeds color means stylists have to dye it over and over again to keep it vibrant. “Members shed blood and sweat, and I shed tears,” Goya joked.

Source: AYO 에이요
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