K-Pop Hairstylists Reveal How Idols Choose Their Hair Color, And How Much Their Opinions Matter

BTS and THE BOYZ are two examples of idols who had a say in their recent styling!

In a recent video, Bit & Boot salon CEO Park Naeju and stylist Hyein answered some questions about K-Pop idols and their ever-changing hair colors.

Park Naeju (left) and Hyein (right). | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

When discussing how idols choose their hair colors, Park and Hyein talked about how much an idol’s opinion matters in the deciding process! They explained that rookies’ opinions don’t hold much weight in the conversation since they have little experience when it comes to concepts.

“For rookies who just debuted…” | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

On the other hand, idols who debuted 2–3 years ago are more knowledgeable about how they look on screen as well as how the fans feel about certain colors!

“The fans really loved it when I had this color.” | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Park mentioned BTS as an example of idols having a say in their styling! For their “Butter” comeback, Park said the members wanted to try a very colorful look.

For BTS, before ‘Butter,’ their hairs weren’t colored much. But for this album, a lot of their ideas were used from the beginning. The visual director said this, too: ‘They wanted more color for this next album!’ Their look is a lot more colorful right now.

— Park Naeju

| Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Park also pointed out some of his favorite looks for the “Butter” album! He really liked RM‘s two-tone hair as well as J-Hope‘s bleached hair.

| Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

They also worked with THE BOYZ on their recent comeback “THRILL RIDE!” Park said that some of the members’ ideas were used for the styling. Hyein talked about how Eric in particular wanted his hair to be pink and purple, “like a unicorn!”

| Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Check out the full video below for more styling insights!

Source: Dare U Naeju, THE BOYZ and BTS
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