K-Pop Idol’s Rudely Interrupted Concert Ment Goes Viral As Netizens Criticize The “Disrespectful” Lack Of Concert Etiquette

“Just see the look on his face, I’m so sad about this.”

Attending a concert for your favorite artist is a dream come true for most K-Pop fans.

But while concerts are an exciting chance for fans to see their idols in person and enjoy some of their favorite songs, there can often be debate around concert etiquette.

For instance, fans often disagree about the use of light sticks at concerts. Since light sticks are so expensive so fans may not be able to afford one for every group they stan, many fans argue that bringing another group’s light stick to a concert should be perfectly acceptable since they want to cheer on the performing artists.

But other K-Pop fans argue that it’s disrespectful to use another group’s light stick since they aren’t the artists you’ve come to see perform.

Sometimes idols themselves bring up concert etiquette, like when BTS‘s J-Hope modeled how to throw gifts to idols without risking injuring them.

And BLACKPINK’s Jennie “called out” fans for being on their phones for the entirety of the group’s concert rather than enjoying the moment.

Fans are now, once again, bringing up appropriate concert etiquette after a video of CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung went viral.

CIX have been on their Save Me, Kill Me world tour and have been excitedly performing for fans.

CIX | @CIX_Official/Twitter

| @CIX_Official/Twitter

During the world tour, Jinyoung has been entertaining fans with his adorable fan service.

And delivering jaw-dropping performances.

But while the concerts have been exciting, fans first raised concern when people were throwing things onto the stage, trying to get CIX to notice them. As aforementioned, this can pose a safety risk to the idols, who could get hit by one of the items or even slip on it while dancing.

Fans again raised concern when a clip of Jinyoung’s ending ment was interrupted by screaming. In the video, fans could see Jinyoung get upset that his words couldn’t be heard over the incessant screams, and he finally gave up, letting Hyunsuk speak instead.

CIX’s Bae Jinyoung | @uehami/Twitter 

| @uehami/Twitter 

Some fans initially believed this was due to a lack of respect for Jinyoung from the fans there.

Although other fans were quick to clarify that it actually seemed like only one fan was the reason for the interruption.

So while, fortunately, it does not appear as though fans as a whole are “disrespecting” Jinyoung, netizens were calling out the one fan’s behavior, not understanding why anyone would act that way at a concert.

Many netizens seem to believe that the “fan” was trying to have their “Y/N” (Your Name) moment. These “moments” are special interactions between a fan and their bias, whether it’s locking eyes during a concert or being remembered by an idol. And while it’s understandable that fans may hope for unique interactions with their idols, it shouldn’t be done at the cost of everyone else’s enjoyment of the event.

And fans are praising Jinyoung’s calm handling of the issue since they don’t think they would have been able to stay as composed.

Fortunately, CIX fans are enthusiastically sharing their love and support for Jinyoung.

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