The Selfie Pose That’s Taking The K-Pop Idol World By Storm

Everyone is doing it!

As with clothing styles, hairstyles, and other aspects of K-Pop with trends that come and go, there are even ways of taking selfies that trend at certain times too.

Jungwon (ENHYPEN) | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Soobin (TXT) | @TXT_members/Twitter

Of course, there are always the tried and true angles and filters that probably won’t stop being used anytime soon, but recently fans have noticed a trend among K-Pop idols that seems to be picking up in popularity.

Dubbed “mirror selfies”, there are several idols who have joined the trend by taking pictures of themselves in a mirror while holding up their phone.

Sunwoo (THE BOYZ) | The Qoo
SinB (VIVIZ) | The Qoo

It gives a sort of infinity effect to the photo, with the image repeating itself indefinitely on the idol’s phone.

Karina (aespa) | The Qoo
Nayeon (TWICE) | The Qoo

Both older K-Pop idols and rookies have jumped on the trend, which has had the unintentional result in seeing just how many idols own iPhones!

Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM) & Lee Chae Min | The Qoo
Yeonwoo (former MOMOLAND) | The Qoo

However, according to some commenters, the trend is far from actually being new, and may have had its start with “Pinterest girls” before catching on in the K-Pop world.

Taeyong (NCT) | The Qoo
Hyeongseop (TEMPEST) | The Qoo
Jaemin (NCT) | The Qoo

Some fans like the trend, while others already think it’s old or even cringey, based on comments on the forum post discussing the selfies.

It’ll be interesting to see what selfie trend pops up next among K-Pop idols!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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