K-Pop Idol Trainer Gives His Choreography Analysis Of BTS’s “Dynamite”

Here’s a quick rundown.

BTS’s “Dynamite” has been breaking records left and right and most recently reaching their 100th music show win since their debut!

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With all these amazing achievements, it’s only right to take a closer look at the choreography and see what makes it so good.

K-Pop idol trainer and YouTuber In Jiwoong gives his take on the choreography for “Dynamite” and talks about the advantages of BTS’s dance line.

The choreography itself is not super flashy nor does it focus on technicality, and rather starts off with a more straightforward and simple style. The dance starts with Jungkook and right off the bat you can see that his physical is quite different from the others.

⁠— In Jiwoong

The trainer emphasizes the fact that the most important thing for K-Pop dance is the physique. While all the members are capable of dancing to the disco pop genre with a more fluid and soft approach, Jungkook’s physique gives him a more powerful and strong approach.

Although it may seem a bit strong for a light disco pop genre, Jungkook is actually dancing to the disco pop genre while carrying the essence of K-Pop with him.

He feels that Jungkook’s ability to learn quickly and understand the foundation of K-Pop dance makes him one of the best students for K-Pop.

Moving on to J-Hope, he reveals that J-Hope’s overall vibe in dancing stems from his neck. Many other dancers such as Lia Kim, have emphasized the fact that a certain type of groove or swag usually comes from neck movements.

In the clip below, you can see that while others may use their shoulders and bounce up and down, J-Hope utilizes his neck to go the opposite direction of his shoulders, giving the move a different vibe.

J-Hope focuses on even the smallest details regardless of whether or not he is seen and that’s what catches the viewer’s attention. Any time you see J-Hope dance, there is always something to see and something you can learn from him.

⁠— In Jiwoong

Taking a look at Jimin, the trainer expresses that his choice of clothing for the video took away his ballerino physique and ability to make the dance seem a bit more disco. Moving on to his dance, he explains that there is always a certain part in the song where Jimin takes center stage and bursts out a bunch of energy.

In this practice video, you can see just how well he is able to explode with energy at the right time. Throughout the song, he is able to control how strong and soft he moves depending on the part in the song.

With V, he has always been able to make his moves very sharp and on point. But for this dance, he seems to dance with a more smooth and peaceful vibe with a hint of cuteness.

He felt that this style of choreography was able to show a different side of V. He also added that with a face like V, it honestly wouldn’t matter what style of dance he was doing on stage.

For idol groups, it’s not just the music and the dance but the talent that really makes them shine above the rest. He compliments the group for being able to show that talent in a very easy way, making it a point that other groups should learn as well.

Watch the full analysis below!


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