Here Are The Extreme Methods K-Pop Idols Use To Date In Secret, According To Former Idols

They spilled the tea!

As a K-Pop idol, despite the fame and admiration, it is a career that is all-consuming. More and more artists reveal the tougher parts of the job, from busy schedules, strict expectations, and endless rules.

In particular, one aspect that has always been controversial is the topic of dating and the inability of companies and netizens to allow idols to have relationships.

Although not mentioned, HyunA and DAWN is a rare instance of idols openly dating | P NATION

American YouTuber and co-founder of Smosh, Anthony Padilla, recently released a video with several former and now solo K-Pop idols, including Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin and former Blady member Tina, now known as Soobin or Christine.

As expected, alongside the issue of beauty standards, Anthony asked them what the issue was about being able to date.

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin explained that he barely had enough time to eat, never mind having a relationship due to their busy schedules. However, he explained that he was one of the minority because his company, Starship Entertainment, didn’t give them too many rules and pressures on this issue.

Yet, he then pointed out that they chose not to get into relationships due to the fans, which is a common explanation. Many fans feel a connection to their favorite idols. In the past, whenever artists have been in relationships, netizens will turn against them and criticize them for putting the group in “jeopardy.”

Former Blady member Tina then explained that although fans and companies are wary of dating, it unsurprisingly still continues in the industry. In particular, she shared that most of the time, the agencies knew about dating going on.

I just remember the company saying, ‘Just don’t get caught.’ They’d just be like, ‘If you’re going to date, don’t get caught by us.’

— Former Blady’s member Tina

She also explained that many idols had specific methods to “secretly date,” which required a lot of planning to ensure that they didn’t get caught.

There is a lot of secret dating, and you date mostly at night because, obviously, our schedules are jam-packed during the day. We would go to a little bit outside Seoul, and then we would date around the nighttime.

— Former Blady’s member Tina

Although this might shock some fans, it is something that is becoming a lot more known. In particular, the K-Drama Imitation showcased some of the hardships of idol life, and one of those was dating. The series showed the two main leads having to sneak out at night and meet in a secluded place to have some privacy.

Tina then added that it was necessary to go to such lengths and travel considerable distances to date in secret. Like Jeongmin, she explained that it was down to fans and the agency’s expectations and how many treat idols.

Idols are like products. You’re their (agency) biggest asset, and you’re their moneymaker. If you start dating, the fans will sometimes leave you. I think that’s the thing the companies are most scared of.

— Former Blady’s member Tina

With these views and assumptions of fans’ reactions being proved right after several idols received backlash for dating, it isn’t surprising that idols and agencies are so wary of the issue.

Although it seems to have gotten better, with more positive reactions to iKON Bobby‘s announcement that he was getting married and having a child, Tina believes it will never be entirely accepted.

That (the fans’ reaction) is the reason why I feel like dating in the idol scene is just not accepted, or I don’t think it will ever be accepted.

— Former Blady’s member Tina

Even though it seems sad that many idols are not allowed to live normal lives openly, with a constant fear of abandonment from fans, it shows that they will go to any lengths to have relationships. Although many believe it is getting better, the truth seems far from that, and it will take a miracle for idols dating to become accepted or the norm.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Anthony Padilla