The Expensive, Itchy-Looking Top Being Worn By K-Pop Idols That Fans Are Comparing To A Loofah

You won’t believe the price tag!

Fashion is a big part of the K-Pop industry, with certain trends coming and going all the time and unique pieces being worn by idols on a regular basis. Sometimes these more unconventional clothes and outfits are met with criticism by fans, while other times an unusual look can be pulled off by the right idol!

SHINee’s Taemin, Minho, & Key

Recently, fans have been sharing their opinions on a certain top that has been worn by two different idols in the last couple of months, and it was certainly a questionable choice made by their stylists.


Back in early August, THE BOYZ released their latest album Phantasy Pt. 1: Christmas in August, which unsurprisingly featured a summery Christmas concept. Several of the members were styled in intentionally gaudy and festive-themed clothing, which made the fuzzy, itchy-looking tank top that Sunwoo wore look a little less out of place than it otherwise would have.

Sunwoo (THE BOYZ) | @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

Though the shirt doesn’t look particularly comfortable — some fans have said they feel itchy even just looking at it! — the shirt does fit the aesthetic that the group was going for during the promotions of the album and its title track, “LIP GLOSS”.

| @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

Here’s the live performance of “LIP GLOSS” that Sunwoo wore the unusual top for.

However, a more recent use of the top has been receiving more critical reviews from fans, due to it not fitting as well into the concept that the rest of the group is going for.

During a recent performance of SM Entertainment‘s rookie group RIIZE‘s debut song, “Get A Guitar”, Sohee was also styled in the top. However, his was also paired with a top underneath, as well as boldly colored pants that don’t really match.

Sohee (third from left) in the top | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Some netizens think that without the shirt underneath, it probably would have looked better and more similar to Sunwoo’s outfit, but given that it doesn’t really go with the other members’ outfits either, it’s a debatable opinion!

Here’s the recent performance that featured the controversial top.

Along with being an overall questionable piece of clothing, the price of the shirt is a shocking one million won — or about $750 USD!

| @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter

Here’s what netizens are saying about the controversial look on a forum post discussing the topic.

Do you think this top was a hit or a miss?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa
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