K-Pop Idols Suffer The Aftermath Of Mnet’s Recent Controversy, As Their Videos Get Downvoted In The Masses

They are paying the price for Mnet’s mistake.

Mnet recently fell under severe criticisms for using a remix of Islam’s adhan during an episode of Street Woman Fighter — and it looks like unrelated people are paying a hefty price for the broadcast station’s actions.

Poster for “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

The adhan(also written as azan and adzan) is the Islamic call to prayer, which is made up of a collection of phrases that is recited at prescribed times of day. This prayer holds a significant meaning and importance within the Islamic religion, which is why when Muslim viewers of Street Woman Fighter heard the disrespectful “remix” of the adhan, it was received poorly. The hashtag #Mnetapologize began to trend on Twitter, as the outrage began to pour out against Mnet.

While Mnet issued an apology, it seems that the situation has not been forgiven nor forgotten. M Countdown! aired their weekly episode just a day ago, and like usual, it was filled with fun and exciting performances from all of our favorite K-Pop idols. However, apology or not, it seems that enraged netizens have been unleashing their anger towards all of the recently uploaded M Countdown! videos, as the downvotes continue to increase in the masses.

First up, we have solo artist Lee Eun Sang, who was previously a part of the project Produce X 101 boy group, X1. While Lee Eun Sang made his exciting comeback with a refreshing, summery track titled “Lemonade,” his M! Countdown performance was attacked with about 2,200 downvotes, which is almost half of his 5,100 like count.

Lee Eun Sang’s like to dislike ratio circled in red by Koreaboo for clarification | Mnet

Rookie girl group ICHILLIN’ also became a target of the angry down-voters. The girl group debuted just a day ago on September 8 and held their exciting debut stage on the Mnet music show with their track “GOT’YA.” Their addicting melody and synchronized choreography was met with high praise, but they garnered about 1,200 dislikes compared to their 2,900 likes.

ICHILLIN’s like to dislike ratio circled in red by Koreaboo for clarification | Mnet

Another artist who has surprisingly been attacked with hateful downvotes is none other than AOMG soloist, Lee Hi. The singer recently made her highly anticipated comeback with her third studio album 4 ONLY. However, like the previous artists above, Lee Hi was also met with an incredible number of dislikes on her “Red Lipstick” M! Countdown comeback stage.

Lee Hi’s like to dislike ratio circled in red by Koreaboo for clarification | Mnet

And perhaps the singer who was attacked the most was none other than Super Junior‘s Sungmin. The idol singer came back with “Goodnight, Summer” and performed his song on the Mnet stage for all of his fans. Just like his fellow M! Countdown performers above, however, the Super Junior member was also met with thousands of dislikes. Sungmin’s video garnered 6,600 dislikes, which is more than his 4,900 like count.

Sungmin’s like to dislike ratio circled in red by Koreaboo for clarification | Mnet

Dozens of other M! Countdown viewers were quick to put two and two together to realize what was going on, as they began to comment about the situation under their favorite artists’ Mnet videos.

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We hope that the ongoing controversy gets resolved in an appropriate manner and that it does not happen again.