Mnet Issues Official Apology For Using A Remixed Version Of The Adhan On “Street Woman Fighter”

They did not hold any other intentions.

Previously, Mnet’s dance competition show, Street Woman Fighter, was criticized for using a remix version of the adhan, which is an Islamic call to prayer recited at prescribed times of the day. With many Muslim netizens upset, Mnet has posted an apology online regarding the issue.

Dear audience,
On behalf of the Mnet Street Woman Fighter production team, we offer a sincere apology regarding the soundtrack used in the opening of the first episode of Street Woman Fighter.

The song is an electronic soundtrack that is officially registered on the official streaming site. The production team thought that the electronic sound of the song was suitable as the background music of the program. We certainly did not hold any other intentions.

We sincerely apologize for the unintended inconvenience caused by the possibility of recalling a specific rhyme. Respecting your criticism, the video will be re-uploaded after replacing the background music.

Mnet will continue to listen to the opinions of the viewers around the world. We appreciate your interest in Mnet Street Woman Fighter.


Meanwhile, Street Woman Fighter airs every Tuesday at 10:20 PM KST.