K-Pop Fans Ecstatic Over iKON’s Busy Schedule Announced The Moment They Left YG Entertainment

Just how long were they waiting for this opportunity?

Back in December 2022, it was announced that all six members of iKON would be leaving YG Entertainment after seven years of promoting under the label.

iKON | YG Entertainment

Soon afterwards, it was revealed that the members would all be sticking together and joining the same agency — 143 Entertainment — to continue promoting as iKON.

| 143 Entertainment

Given that 143 Entertainment is a much smaller label than YG Entertainment, and with the switch over being so fresh, fans thought it would be a while before iKON was able to start promoting and releasing anything new. But as it turns out, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all!

| YG Entertainment

On March 2, 143 Entertainment announced that iKON would be going on a world tour starting in May, taking the group across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

This will be the first time that iKON has had a world tour of this size, since their previous tours weren’t spread as far as the Americas and Europe. And considering they were with YG Entertainment for seven years, it’s hard to believe they’re only now getting this opportunity!

| YG Entertainment

And that’s not the only exciting news for iKON fans. Member Bobby was also announced to be releasing his first single under the group’s new label on March 21!

This will be the first time that Bobby has come out with solo music in over two years, after the release of his last album Lucky Man back in January 2021.

Fans are ecstatic that they’ll be getting new content from iKON so soon after their label transition, especially since it wasn’t expected!

ikon swiftly having schedules the moment they hopped out of yg from kpopthoughts

We can’t wait to see what else iKON has in store for fans in the coming weeks and months!

Source: Reddit