K-Pop Makeup Artists Explain Why They “Do Male Idols’ Makeup Poorly”

According to these professionals, there is a valid reason.

Working for one of the most famous beauty salons for K-Pop idols, Jenny House makeup artists Doy and Inha have painted the faces of SEVENTEEN, Wanna One, AB6IX, and more. Given how much experience they have, it stands to reason that these two professionals must be great at makeup. But according to fans, that’s not always the case.

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In the past, Jenny House makeup artists have been accused of doing a poor job when it comes to male idols’ makeup. Back when the team styled Wanna One, fans across social media described the makeup and hair as “horrible”. One comment even made it to the makeup artists themselves in a new AYO video on YouTube.

Former Wanna One member Park Jihoon

Why do they do male idols makeup poorly? Or are they too handsome that makeup doesn’t really work?

AYO commenter

Naturally, Doy and Inha stepped in to defend themselves. Doy explained that they do the best job they can with male idols, but it’s a completely different challenge to styling female idols.

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You’re too mean! We do our best!

— Doy

According to Doy, there are a lot more makeup and styling options for female idols that “complement their faces“. Girl groups, for example, can wear long false eyelashes or heavy amounts of blusher. But, Doy went on to say, “male idols can’t“.

Doy and Inha also styled I.O.I (pictured: Doyeon and Somi).

The veteran celebrity MUA explained that they need to make male idols look just as attractive as female idols—but with a lot less makeup. This makes the job much harder.

T-ARA was another Jenny House client (pictured: Eunjung).

It’s definitely true that male idols tend to have more toned-down makeup looks during schedules. While some may wear bold eyeshadow on stage, many boy group stars typically look like they’re not wearing makeup at all. Creating these “natural”-style looks can be a surprisingly difficult task for any MUA.

Former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu

Inha chimed in to say that idols who look especially good with makeup on tend to get heavier makeup looks. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, for example, is a Jenny House client known for how great he looks with dark eyeshadow. Doing makeup for these male idols is likely a lot easier for professionals like Doy and Inha.

So, the next time you’re comparing your favorite male idols’ makeup to your favorite female idols’ looks, keep the Jenny House makeup artists’ words in mind.

Source: AYO 에이요
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