A Barnes & Noble’s Manga Display Is Going Viral For Its Unexpected K-Pop Twist

It featured sixteen popular idols.

As K-Pop continues to become more of a global phenomenon, it is no surprise that different companies will promote directly to K-Pop fans.

For instance, ahead of BTS‘s PROOF comeback, American grocery store chain Trader Joe’s went purple to show its support of BTS’s long-awaited comeback with clever puns and purple hearts.

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

Similarly, the American bookseller chain Barnes & Noble recently went viral on K-Pop Twitter for a manga display.

Barnes & Noble often uses celebrity recommendations to promote different books that customers may want to check out. Previously, the store has also had a display of books recommended by BTS.

In the new display, Barnes & Noble included manga recommendations from SHINee‘s Taemin, ENHYPEN‘s Jake, P1Harmony‘s Theo, BTS‘s Jin, TXT‘s Soobin and Huening Kai, Stray KidsLee Know and Hyunjin, SEVENTEEN‘s DK and Joshua, NCT‘s Yuta and Jeno, GOT7‘s Jinyoung, ATEEZ‘s Mingi, THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo, and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk.

| @chuuuusgf/Twitter


Fans joked about how one of the workers must be a K-Pop multi-stan.

 And wished that their local Barnes & Noble would do the same thing.

It’s definitely a clever marketing tactic.

After seeing the display, fans couldn’t help but joke about the manga selections for each of the idols.

Although some fans were jokingly confused about why SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, a well-known manga reader, didn’t make the display.

Overall, fans were entertained by the unexpected display.

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