Trader Joe’s Receives “Borahaefication” Ahead Of BTS Comeback

This is an effective marketing strategy!

Trader Joe’s has received the “borahaefication,” turning purple for BTS ahead of the group’s comeback!

Trader Joe’s is an American chain of grocery stores originating in Pasadena, California. It contains a variety of food, mainly its own exclusive private labels and organic.

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Another thing that sets Trader Joe’s apart from other grocery stores is its outstanding displays and drawn artwork on display signs. And recently, a customer noticed something special about some displays.

An ARMY, Ori (@oq_sowoozoo on Twitter), was shopping at Trader Joe’s when she noticed a couple of displays clearly referencing BTS. One advertised “The Power of Seven Purple Juice.” The product’s name already reminds us of BTS, considering purple is the group’s official color, and there are seven members! 

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

So, it was only fitting that the artist added a direct reference to BTS by including a Love Yourself heart and flower on the display sign. Additionally, they referenced the group’s hit song “Dynamite” on another sign for the juice.

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

Likewise, there was also a display for ube (purple yam) products, including ube tea cookies and the store’s famous ube mochi waffle and pancake mix. The large sign overhead the products read “PERMISSION TO UBE,” referencing BTS’s “Permission to Dance,” including recognizable graphics from that era.

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

If you look closer, you can see a subtle reference to BTS and Coldplay‘s “My Universe.”

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

This marketing technique is surely effective! We’ll take one of everything, please.

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter
| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

Recently, another BTS-themed display was added. This time, it referenced Skool Luv Affair!

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

Who knew Raisin Bran cereal could look so good?

| @oq_sowoozoo/Twitter

Of course, the ARMY wanted to know who was behind the displays! Trader Joe’s displays differ by store, so these were specifically done in Brooklyn.

Ori finally found out that the displays were created by Ori (@neogotmysuh on Twitter) and her manager. Yes, they also happened to have the same name! 

It turns out the boss is quite the ARMY! So, they’re preparing for the June 10 comeback, and we’ll even be playing BTS music in store that day.

We wish every Trader Joe’s were like this!

Source: @oq_sowoozoo

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