K-Pop MV Directors Reveal The Secrets Behind How Idols Never Sweat In Music Videos

How is this possible?!

Ever noticed how idols never seem to break a sweat music videos, no matter how hard they’re performing? Is it real magic or just cinematographic magic? Veteran K-Pop music video directors ZANYBROS revealed the truth in a new YouTube video with AYO.

We all know that deep down, K-Pop idols are just like us, but sometimes they seem to be positively superhuman. From their mind-blowing visuals to their incredible talents, idols all have traits we can only aspire to. But one thing that’s particularly unbelievable is how idols seem to never sweat in their music videos.

They glisten on stage, but never in shoots.

Music video production pair ZANYBROS have worked with many of the biggest group’s in K-Pop, from Girls’ Generation and Super Junior to MAMAMOO and The Boyz. Since directors Hong Won Ki and Kim Jun Hong have a unique insight into idol shooting world, one AYO commenter just had to ask them about the sweat conundrum.

It’s amazing that [idols] don’t sweat at all in music videos. Do they spray deodorant on their face too?

AYO commenter

During any music video shoot, idols have to ace their choreography over and over through multiple takes. On top of that, they’re performing under dozens of bright, hot studio lights all day. So, how is it possible that they don’t sweat at all?

| YG FAMILY/Naver Post

Well, according to ZANYBROS, they actually do sweat. Fans just don’t see it thanks to the magic of cinematography.

They sweat mercilessly.

— Hong Won Ki

Part of the sweat-free illusion is constructed during the music video shoot. Hong Won Ki confessed that staff need to continuously powder the artists faces so they don’t glisten with sweat. Kim Jun Hong went on to explain that the stylists have to do touch-ups after every take to prevent idols’ makeup from clumping up.

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Then, after the shoot, the music video production company “Photoshops” any missed traces of sweat from the final music video.

Of course, some idols sweat even more than others. Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and The Boyz‘s Juyeon are just a few of the stars who’ve admitted they get very sweaty when they’re dancing. Thankfully, music video directors like ZANYBROS have a special trick for the sweatiest of stars.

Kim Jun Hong revealed that if an idol sweats a lot, they typically shoot that member’s close-up shots first. That way, they can get all the crucial takes they need before the idol’s makeup starts running.

Luckily for idols, they’re not alone. Kim confessed that even the directors sweat a lot during shooting. Sometimes, Hong admitted, the only choice left is to lay on the floor sweating together!

Source: AYO 에이요