Pledis Entertainment’s Rookie K-Pop Idol That’s Gaining Attention For His Handsome Visuals Already

“Ever since Wonwoo, I fall easier for foxy eyes. They’re so hot and charming.”

We’re getting close to the debut of Pledis Entertainment‘s new K-Pop boy group, TWS, who are set to release their first album called Sparkling Blue on January 22!

TWS | Pledis Entertainment

While there still isn’t a lot known about the six members of the group — ShinyuDohoonYoungjaeHanjinJihoon, and Kyungmin — we’re slowly learning more about them as each day passes, and that includes what kind of visuals they all have.

| Pledis Entertainment

Recently, one member in particular has been getting more attention and conversation online due to his handsome visuals: Dohoon.

Born on January 30, 2005, Dohoon is 18 — almost 19 — and the second-oldest of TWS. His position in TWS is not yet known, though some speculate he might be a center or similar position.

Dohoon (TWS) | Pledis Entertainment

He was born in Seoul and went to the prestigious Hanlim Arts High School, where many highly successful K-Pop idols have graduated from.

Recently, a post was made on an online public forum in appreciation for Dohoon’s handsome appearance, and it’s easy to see why!

Dohoon has sharp, fox-like qualities to his visuals that appeal to many K-Pop fans, especially during this era of the music genre.

With so many boy groups debuting these days, it can be hard for any one rookie idol to stand out, but Dohoon has managed to do that already even a few weeks before TWS’s official debut!

| Pledis Entertainment

Here’s what netizens are saying about Dohoon in the comments of that forum post about his visuals.

Make sure not to miss when TWS debuts on January 22!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa