K-Pop Fans Start #BigKPopBitches To Celebrate Plus-Size Bodies


Arletta, a 21-year-old K-Pop fan from Virginia, loves the genre but noticed one issue within the online fandom.


Fans use respective hashtags during “selca days” such as #ArmySelcaDay or #NCTzenSelcaDay to share photos of themselves with their favorite groups and/or members. However, Arletta noted that many of the most popular posts didn’t contain any fans with plus-size bodies.


During “blackout selca days,” hashtags dedicated to black K-Pop fans, she was still unable to find people with her body type as the majority of popular posts were not from plus-size fans.

She decided to create the inclusive hashtag #BigKpopBitches after discussing it in a group chat with friends who are also plus-size fans. Their aim was to create something where fans of all K-Pop groups could feel welcome to participate without limiting the hashtag to a specific group’s fandom.

Arletta was pleased with the positive response and all of the fans who noted how it boosted their confidence and gave them a space to feel beautiful. She hopes the hashtag will be used monthly to continue to celebrate diverse body types and plus-size fans.

Source: Buzzfeed News
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