K-Pop Producer And Songwriter Spills On What It’s Really Like To Work With Soloist IU

He had a lot of preconceptions going into the recording!

When it comes to the world of K-Pop, many netizens believe that idol groups are carrying the industry from some of the biggest companies in Korea. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the case, and one person who has constantly proved this is soloist IU.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Since making her debut back in 2008, IU has continued to wow global audiences with her incredible vocals, undeniable charm, and regal visuals.

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In Korea, her popularity is so huge that it has become one of the most difficult and almost impossible tasks to try and get tickets for an IU concert, and even the idol had to experience the stress.

IU trying to get tickets for her own concert | IU Official/YouTube

Although she is one of the biggest and most popular musicians in Korea, it seems like the people around her and who have come in contact with her also emphasize just how nice a person she is.

Recently, South Korean songwriter and producer Ryan Jhun appeared in a YouTube video where he sat down and chatted about the top five songs he’s composed with some of the biggest female artists in K-Pop.

Along with chatting about his work with IVE, OH MY GIRL, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, it wasn’t surprising that the song that topped the poll was “Celebrity” by IU!

Considering the popularity of the song, it isn’t surprising that it topped the list as netizens worldwide couldn’t get enough of the song from last year.

IU “Celebrity” music video | 1thek/YouTube
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Ryan Jhun then spilled on what it was like actually working with IU on the song. At first, the songwriter explained that because of his introverted personality, he thought it might impact how he felt while working with IU.

Since it was my first time meeting IU, and like I told you, I’m an INFJ. I’m a very introverted person. I thought I would be severely shy around her, so I stepped into the studio feeling nervous.

— Ryan Jhun

Luckily, it seems as if his perceptions couldn’t have been further from the truth as he explained that the reality was much different. Ryan even added, “The whole recording session felt like a party.”

Ryan even truthfully explained that he had some preconceptions when it came to working with IU, and even the host explained that it was normal for people to have these thoughts when it comes to huge stars.

Ryan: Usually, when you refer to someone as an ‘artist,’ it’s a bit pressuring.

Host: You mean you thought she’d be somewhat sensitive and picky, right?

Unsurprisingly, Ryan revealed that he couldn’t have been more wrong about IU and couldn’t stop praising the idol for her attitude in the studio and how she treated those around her.

Yet, her more laid-back attitude didn’t mean she wasn’t working hard.

I thought she would be serious but she was rather laid back. She would sing and then come out to chit-chat, sign her autographs, and talked about schedules. I’m not saying that she slacked off. She stayed professional, but the atmosphere was very lively.

— Ryan Jhun

Ryan explained that it was quite shocking to see just how much IU was like the person portrayed in the press, someone who is caring, down-to-earth, and friendly to be around.

She was the same IU that I’ve seen on the internet or through media, always considerate of others. She took care of me a lot, too.

— Ryan Jhun

Despite being one of the most famous idols in Korea, IU never makes anyone around her feel uncomfortable. No matter who she is with or interacts with, people never seem to have a bad word to say about IU, and it showcases her true personality.

Source: OK POP

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