Meet Frankie Day: The K-Pop Singer-Songwriter Who Went Viral For Outshining Marvel Actor Tom Hiddleston

She’s written for ASTRO, THE BOYZ, Weeekly, and more!

This week, a photo of English actor Tom Hiddleston, most famous for portraying Marvel Studios‘ god of mischief Loki, at Comic-Con went viral. But it was not because he looked adorable doing his finger heart pose…

Tom Hiddleston (left) and Frankie Day (right) | @FrankieDayMusic/Twitter

No, the reason was that his fan posed next to him caught all of the attention. This tweet alone received 78.8K likes as of October 27, just a couple of days after it was posted.

Many commenters were curious to know the identity of the beautiful young woman who had stolen the hearts of Hiddlestoners (fans of Tom Hiddleston).

Many were ready to completely forget that there was ever a man in the picture, to begin with, or that Tom Hiddleston exists.

Finally, thanks to helpful sleuths, we were able to find out the mystery girl’s true identity, and it’s none other than Frankie Day!

If you’re unfamiliar with her name, you won’t be after today. She is actually an actor and platinum-selling K-Pop singer-songwriter (hence her and Tom’s finger heart poses).

She works as part of THE HUB, a new music production studio. This collective is incredibly talented and skilled, having worked on many songs for tons of our favorite K-Pop groups and artists, such as TREASURE, BTOBHighlight (formerly BEAST), and ITZY (just to name a few).

THE HUB is based in Korea but has a diverse staff, including European producers. While it was founded in just 2020, they have become quite well-known already as they were featured in the September issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

Frankie Day especially has contributed quite a lot in her time at THE HUB. Recently, she served as one of the composers of VERIVERY‘s title track “Get Away” for their album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1 : HALL].

She also worked as a composer on ASTRO‘s “Knock” as part of their 7th mini album GATEWAY.

She and the rest of THE HUB team worked with SM Entertainment to create music for EXO‘s Kai. It was used in Hyundai‘s TUCSON Beyond Drive showcase.

She helped write THE BOYZ‘s song “Butterfly.” She’s even gotten to hang out with them backstage at one of their concerts.

In addition to songwriting, as a singer, she can also provide backing vocals for others. She has done a lot of backing vocals for JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group JYPn members’ song covers. She recently supported Kyujin‘s live performance of Camila Cabello‘s “My Oh My!”

Sometimes, she can do a bit of both all at once! For Weeekly‘s 4th mini-album, Play Game: Holiday, she contributed her writing and vocal skills to “La Luna.” She did the same for “YUMMY!” for their 3rd mini-album, We Play.

Thanks to her, we have many amazing K-Pop songs and a new photo of certified K-Pop fan Tom Hiddleston doing a finger heart again.

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