The Skin-Tight Fashion Trend That Male K-Pop Idols Are Rocking Recently

“They all look good.”

Fashion trends come and go in the K-Pop world, and recently, a certain type of shirt has been making the rounds in boy groups that fans are definitely enjoying.

The shirts are made by the brand MISBHV, which is a Polish streetwear label that was established in 2014. According to Wikipedia, the brand owners, “Are always interested in exploring the intersection of fashion and the underground, with music playing a key role in every creative endeavor. The brand’s aesthetic is rooted in the hip-hop and club scenes of post-socialist Poland, and infused with a DIY sensibility The duo cite a uniquely European perspective on rave and club culture, memories of their youth in post-socialist Poland, the disco trend of the 1990s and the raw style of motorcyclists as their most significant influences.”

And MISBHV’s influences are definitely apparent in the style of shirts being worn by male idols recently, giving the performers a sporty, cyclist-type vibe in the skin-tight pieces.

Park Jihoon
Kim Jiwoong (ZEROBASEONE) | The Qoo

Some of the shirts are more form-fitting than others, and netizens think that the tighter the fit, the more polished and attractive the outfits look.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids) | The Qoo
I.M (MONSTA X) | The Qoo

Idols like WEi‘s Kim Yohan&TEAM‘s K, and THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon seem to be styled in shirts that are the most form-fitting to their bodies, making fans swoon.

Kim Yohan (WEi)
K (&TEAM) | The Qoo
Juyeon (THE BOYZ) | The Qoo

But the shirt looks flattering on pretty much every idol that has worn it, and really shows off the impressive physiques that so many of them have!

Dino (SEVENTEEN) | The Qoo

A forum post was made in appreciation of the MISBHV shirts, and the comments are full of praise and thirsting over the handsome idols included!

Who do you think wore the top best?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa