4 K-Pop Songs And One Album Have Newly Debuted On The Billboard World Charts

One artist has never charted before!

Last week was a big one for new K-Pop music trending on Billboard, and while this week isn’t quite as big, there are still a number of accomplishments worth celebrating!

On the World Digital Song Sales chart — which lists the 25 best-selling international singles each week in the United States — four new K-Pop songs have made their debut for the first time.

For the World Albums chart, which ranks the 15 best-selling international albums in the U.S. weekly, one soloist’s album has debuted this week!

The highest-charting new song this week is rookie group aespa‘s “Next Level”! For its debut, the song is ranked at #3 on the World Digital Song Sales chart.

This makes aespa three-for-three in terms of their singles making it onto this list, with “Black Mamba” spending three weeks on the chart and peaking at #5, and “Forever” spending one week on the chart and peaking at #11, so “Next Level” is their highest-charting yet!

The next highest-ranking song to debut this week is “Advice” by Taemin, which spends its first week at #4! This is now the soloist’s 13th song to rank on this chart, with “Press Your Number” being his highest-ranking with a peak at #3 back in 2016.

Fromis_9 is the next artist with a new song on the chart! Their new song “We Go” comes in at #14 for its debut, and is the group’s second song ever to rank on this list! It’s also their highest-peaking, with “Love Bomb” reaching a peak of #22 back in 2018.

And finally, the last new K-Pop song debuting this week is Rocket Punch‘s “Ring Ring”. This song ranks at #20 for its first week charting, and is also the first time the girl group has ever made it onto this chart!

The new album to make its debut onto the World Albums chart this week is none other than Taemin’s Advice. For its first week, it’s ranked at #14, and it’s also the soloist’s 7th album to make it onto this list!

Ace and Press It are both tied as his highest-peaking albums, with each reaching the #2 spot in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Congratulations to everyone who had new music charting this week!

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