7 Songs By Five K-Pop Artists Just Made Their Debut On Billboard’s Song Sales Chart

Three soloists and two groups are included!

It’s always exciting to see new K-Pop songs make their way onto Billboard‘s charts, with some of them being much rarer than others! The World Digital Song Sales chart is oftentimes dominated by the music genre, but it doesn’t mean that new songs on the chart shouldn’t be celebrated.

The international singles that make it onto this 25-song list each week are those that are making the most sales in the United States, so it really goes to show how popular K-Pop has become in the country!

SHINee/SM Entertainment

The highest-ranking new K-pop song on the chart this week is SHINee‘s latest hit, “Atlantis”. For its debut, it’s ranked at #3! Prior to this, the group has had 30 songs make it on the chart before, with their highest-ranking being “View” which peaked at #2 in 2015.

That’s not the only song from SHINee that debuted this week, though! Coming in at #6 and #7 on the chart are “Area” and “Days and Years” respectively, which are both also off of Atlantis, their re-released version of the album Don’t Call Me.

The next highest-ranking song from a K-Pop artist actually comes from a Chinese idol: SEVENTEEN‘s The8! His latest solo track, “Side By Side”, made its debut at #11, which is quite impressive!

Another soloist also had a new song chart this week: MAMAMOO‘s Wheein! Her new single, “Water Color”, is ranked at #15 this time around, and is her second single to make it onto the Billboard list! She first debuted with “Good Bye” in 2019, which peaked at #24.

SEVENTEEN as a group is also behind another single that debuted. “Not Alone”, their new Japanese song, ranks at #20 for its first week spent on the chart! This is their 30th song to make it onto the Billboard chart, with “Very Nice” still holding the title of their highest-charting song with a peak at #2!

And finally, Kang Daniel also joined the chart this week. His latest single, “Antidote”, spends its first week on the list at #21! This is his second song to make it onto the chart, with “Paranoia” reaching a peak of #5 only a couple of months ago.

Congratulations to all the newly charting artists this week!

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