The Four K-Pop Songs That Completely Dominated Spotify In 2022

One artist claims two of them!

With the end of 2022 in sight, Spotify has released year-end charts listing the top songs, artists, and albums of the past year, including for the K-Pop genre.

With K-Pop’s growing influence in the last couple of years, many songs managed to break the 100 million streams count this year, and rookie girl groups totally dominated the app by breaking records left and right with their releases!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

Most notably, four K-Pop songs, in particular, rose to the top of the ranks by accumulating an incredibly impressive number of streams released by three different artists.

The song with the fourth-most streams is none other than rookie girl group IVE‘s award-winning “Love Dive.”

Released on March 15 off of an album with the same name, “Love Dive” currently has just under two hundred million streams — 195.9 million at this time, to be exact. And at this rate, it probably will reach the multiple hundreds of millions before the year is actually over!

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The K-Pop song with the third-most streams is BTS‘s “Yet To Come.”

It would be a shocker for the worldwide popular K-Pop group not to rank high on this list, so it’s no surprise that they ranked in the top three! The track off of their PROOF album, which came out on June 10, currently has 215.8 million streams.


Second place goes to BLACKPINK‘s most recent title track release, “Shut Down.”

Released off of their BORN PINK album only two and a half months ago on September 16, the song just surpassed BTS’s “Yet To Come” with a current stream number of 218.9 million.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK also takes the number one most-streamed K-Pop song of the year, perhaps unsurprisingly, with “Pink Venom!”

The track came out earlier than their album as a pre-release single on August 19, though it’s still impressive that it has reached a whopping 321.7 million streams in less than four months.

| YG Entertainment

“Left and Right” by Charlie Puth feat. Jungkook wasn’t included on the list since it’s not considered K-Pop by Spotify. However, it currently sits at 410 million streams!

Some honorable mentions for the rest of the top ten most-streamed K-Pop songs of 2022 are as follows:

  • “With You” by Jimin and Ha Sungwoon (5th, 177.4 million streams)
  • “Run BTS” by BTS (6th, 175.8 million streams)
  • “Stay Alive” by Jungkook (7th, 172.5 million streams)
  • “Polaroid Love” by ENHYPEN (8th, 151.5 million streams)
  • “That That” by PSY ft. Suga (9th, 147.2 million streams)
  • “MANIAC” by Stray Kids (10th, 139.5 million streams)

Congratulations to all of the artists whose songs took off on Spotify this year!

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