The 4 K-Pop Songs Added to Harry Styles’ Pre-Show Playlist For His Seoul Concert

From BTS to NewJeans, Harry Styles’ pre-show playlist was definitely lit.

Every concert-goer understands the importance of an artist’s pre-show playlist and how much it impacts the atmosphere at the beginning of any concert. Artists make sure to carefully pick each song that will be played before the start of the show, choosing tracks that fit the vibe of their setlist and that will get the audience hyped up.

Thus, these four K-Pop songs being added to Harry StylesLove On Tour pre-show playlist for his stop in Seoul has delighted fans and, likely, the K-Pop artists themselves too, some of whom were in the audience!

1. BTS’s “Dynamite”

It’s hard to imagine one of the biggest K-Pop songs in the world not being part of this list. Not only did its incredible popularity likely play a part in it being chosen for the pre-show playlist, but the song’s ability to make crowds want to break out in some dance moves as they sing along definitely had an impact as well.

Hopefully, all the BTS members that attended Styles’ show were also happy with his smart pick.

2. BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom”

Another smash hit in this list, BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” delighted the Love On Tour audience. In videos taken by multiple fans, you can hear the crowd sing along to the chorus and even some excited screams, likely from many BLACKPINK fans in the crowd.

With two BLACKPINK members being among the audience too, the song choice definitely becomes more meaningful. Seeing two artists that are so different from each other and come from different places support each other like this will always be heartwarming.

3. TWICE’s “Fancy”

The least recent song on the list, TWICE’s “Fancy” definitely made an impact on Harry for him to choose it over the more recent singles from the popular girl group.

Perhaps it was the song’s love topic that correlated with Styles’ Love On Tour theme, or maybe just the song’s catchy beat, that made him choose this specific song. Either way, the song definitely did its job, as the crowd was definitely enjoying “Fancy” booming across the KSPO Dome.

4. NewJeans’ “OMG”

The latest hit that has been taking South Korean streaming platforms by storm, similar to how NewJeans themselves have been taking the industry by storm, was also part of the playlist.

“OMG,” which has been enjoying the #1 spot on several Korean charts since its release, was the last song added by Styles for his Seoul stop. This choice will definitely make NewJeans’ member Hanni‘s day, as she has revealed to be an avid One Direction and Harry Styles fan.