K-Pop Stylists Really Do Have Favorite Members According To Former Idol Tina—And Here’s Why

“It is really true… I’m pretty sure you guys see that a lot.”

Former Blady member Tina—known these days as YouTuber soobeanie_ or Christine Park—recently sat down to answer fans’ burning questions about K-Pop stylists. One topic viewers were dying to learn more about was whether stylists really have favorite members in each group.

When one idol seems to always get nicer outfits than their groupmates, many fans begin to speculate that the member in question is the stylist’s favorite.

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Of course, in theory, stylists are expected to treat all members equally—so what’s the truth? According to Christine Park, the truth is that stylists do have favorites.

I feel like if I can answer this question very briefly, it would be yes.

— Christine Park (soobeanie_)

But why? What leads a stylist to favor one member over another? According to Christine, it’s not about visuals or friendships. Instead, stylists tend to prefer the idol who best fits the style they envision. Just like everyday people, K-Pop stylists have their own fashion preferences that they want to see come to life.


Christine went on to say that when an idol embodies that style preference perfectly, the stylist will begin “dressing that member better“.

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Idols who can’t pull off a certain style can be “frustrating” for a stylist, according to Christine. So, the stylists tend to save their creativity for their favorite idols because they know those members will do the styles justice.

So they might be just going super basic with a certain member, and then also going full out because they know that another member is fully capable of pulling off the design.

— Christine Park (soobeanie_)

The former Blady star noted that she knows that fans tend to notice when one idol in a group is always better dressed than the rest.

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While it may be coincidence sometimes, Christine said that most of the time, the stylists do know that their outfit choices will look better on a certain member. In turn, she explained that stylists have more fun dressing those members.

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