#KpopStansAreOverParty Is Trending Again, And K-Pop Fans Aren’t Having It

When will this silly, useless trend end?

It seems like nearly every other week that #KpopStansAreOverParty trends on Twitter, and it’s getting pretty old at this point. Not only is the tag needlessly hateful and rude, it’s just extremely ineffective! Whenever it trends, K-Pop fans end up taking it over anyway, which is exactly what happened today when then hashtag was trending again. Here are 15 of the best comebacks and responses.

1. Real talk.

2. Hmmm… Doesn’t this make more sense?

3. At least it’s a good reminder to stream “Dynamite” when it comes out!

4. They really shouldn’t be surprised at this point…

5. Ohoho, someone has a crush~

6. Right, truly such a terrible fandom…

7. This is all of us.

8. K-Pop basically owns Twitter at this point, anyway.

9. This seems pretty accurate.

10. Oooh, is that what it’s about?

11. If this isn’t accurate…

12. This isn’t the worst idea??

13. Aren’t y’all tired yet?

14. Why not join us?

15. There’s nothing to be afraid of!