KQ Entertainment Announces ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Will Take A Temporary Hiatus For An Ankle Injury

Get well soon, Wooyoung.

KQ Entertainment has announced that ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung will go on a temporary hiatus as he recovers from an ankle injury.

In a statement shared in English on ATEEZ’s community site, KQ Entertainment made the announcement about Wooyoung’s health status.

Hello, This is KQ Entertainment.

It is with utmost regret that we relay the news of ATEEZ member WOOYOUNG’s health to the fans who have shown such generous love and care for ATEEZ.

Recently, WOOYOUNG obtained an ankle injury and has been focusing on recovery. Despite this, he has been performing on stage while sitting in a chair due to his strong will to fulfill his promise with the fans.

As the pain has continued, it was decided that he would need a thorough examination and treatment at a medical institution. After a long discussion with WOOYOUNG and all the other ATEEZ members, the decision has been made to suspend WOOYOUNG’s schedule for a period of time so that he can undergo treatment accordingly.

As a result, WOOYOUNG will not be able to join the following schedules of ‘THE DANCE DAY LIVE 2023’ and ‘KCON 2023 JAPAN.’ We ask for your understanding, as this decision has been made in consideration of WOOYOUNG’s health.

We apologize for the sudden news and will do our absolute best to ensure WOOYOUNG’s quick recovery, as his health is our biggest priority.

Thank you.

— KQ Entertainment

During ATEEZ’s concert in Japan, an announcement was made that Wooyoung would still participate in the concert, but be sitting during the performances.

Source: KQ Entertainment


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