KQ Entertainment Officially Announces Mingi’s Return To ATEEZ’s Promotions

Mingi is back!

KQ Entertainment has just announced Mingi will be officially returning to ATEEZ‘s promotions.

KQ Entertainment made their announcement late at night on July 18 KST, sharing that Mingi’s health has recovered and he will return to full participation in the group’s activities.

Hello. This is KQ Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about the health condition and return of ATEEZ member Mingi.

Through counseling therapy, long rest, and his constant efforts, Mingi has regained his health and in the first half of 2021, he has participated in several schedules prior to his official return to the group so he can check his mental and physical condition.

After discussions with Mingi, his parents, and his psychological counselor, we have received the final opinion from his psychological counselor that he can return to team activities without difficulties.

From now on, ATEEZ will be active as a full group of eight members, and we will inform you if there are any changes in previously announced schedules.

Once again, we would like the express our gratitude to ATINY who have been waiting for Mingi and the constant support you have sent him.

Thank you.

— KQ Entertainment

Back in November 2020, KQ Entertainment shared that Mingi would be going on hiatus to take care of his health.

Source: ATEEZ