Kriesha Chu Finally Returns To The K-Pop Scene, Signing With A New Agency

She’s back after three years away.

Kriesha Chu will finally return to the K-Pop scene, signing with New Way Company.

In a statement shared by New Way Company on October 4, they announced that Kriesha Chu is joining their company. They also shared a new profile picture of her.

Kriesha recently signed an exclusive contract with us to maintain her loyalty to her previous manager, who was with her at her last company. We are happy to be able to work with her as the public has loved her for her outstanding vocals and her bright and lovely charms. We will continue to share a precious relationship in the future.

We will do our best to support Kriesha’s versatility in various fields so she can fully demonstrate her capabilities.

She will also embark on her new journey by changing her stage name to Kriesha. We will greet the public through various activities.

— New Way Company

Kriesha debuted in 2017, shortly after placing second place on K-Pop Star 6. She continued to release music until 2020, when she took a hiatus due to lymphedema, which is swelling in the body due to the accumulation of fluids that should normally be drained.

New Way Company is home to actors Kim Nam Hee, Lee Won Hee, and former VICTON member Choi Byungchan.

Source: Star News