Kris and Luhan fight back against SM Entertainment countersuit

Following SM Entertainment‘s official suit in Hong Kong regarding Kris and Luhan‘s current solo activities in China, the former EXO-M Chinese members’ legal representatives have finally released a response to the counter suit. 

According to Chinese media portal Sina on February 12th, the Beijing Chinese Legal representatives released a statement on the two entertainers’ behalf.

“The Korean law suit to nullify the contract is in the negotiations stage and both sides have shown willingness to negotiate the final terms and have met on multiple occasions to talk on the matter. The head of each side are scheduled to meet in China in person and plan to conduct another negotiation phase February 27th. SM has stated that they do not need any help in resolving this matter which do not show that they are fully committed to resolving this matter.”

They also reprimanded SM’s legal suit as “Knowingly casting a negative shade on the celebrities.” They also stated, “SM as Korea’s biggest entertainment company used their status to sign unfair contracts. The Korean Fair Trade Commission has warned them on multiple occasions.”

They also stated, “The celebrities approached SM in order to solve this matter on multiple occasions but the company avoided them or refused them. So the celebrities felt they had no choice but to use legal channels to get out of their slave contracts.”

“SM stated that the members left EXO ignoring all morals, ethics, and trust to pursue their own profits, but this is simply SM trying to damage the images of the celebrities,” further citing the Korean agency’s past dispute with former TVXQ members and current trio group JYJ, and that the agency is attempting to damage the celebrities’ honors in order to limit their activities.

They ended stating that, “The celebrities are going to attempt to talk and negotiate to solve the matter. However, if SM attempts to instigate quarrels by unfairly accusing celebrities, they will stop negotiations and legally defend their legal rights. We would also like to apologize to those who were involved in this case and was impacted.”