f(x)’s Krystal Shows Off Her Idyllic Lifestyle And Gorgeous Family Home In An Aesthetic Vlog

Young and rich!

F(x)‘s Krystal delighted fans when she gifted them with a sudden vlog. Featured on monotube‘s YouTube channel, her first vlog, CHARGING CRYSTALS #1 was released as part of a celebrity feature series. Krystal showed off her idyllic lifestyle and gorgeous family home to fans in the first episode.

Perhaps there’s something to be excited about – she was seen working on music in a studio! Krystal shared that she had gone to her friend’s studio as per her request, and that the two may have something brewing. Her musician friend, Yang Young Eun (nickname Younggaeng), may be a familiar face to fans as she once appeared in Jessica & Krystal as Krystal’s childhood friend.

Krystal took the vlog to her family home. Just look at the view from her living room! The wide panoramic glass window is sure to be an envy to many. Krystal enjoyed a conversation with her mother.

Their family home also boasts a screening room, where Krystal set up colorful lights and a vinyl player.

Their dining room is equally as aesthetic, with floor-to-ceiling shelves and hidden storage.

Krystal then tried to build her own shelf to store clothes.

She also had to pack for a work trip to Jeju island. Her mother gifted her with a classic 90s Ralph Lauren blazer from her own collection.

The vlog ended off with a cute mother-daughter walk around the neighborhood.

We’re absolutely in love with her lifestyle and aesthetics! Stay tuned for more of Krystal on monotube! Check out her vlog below!