Krystal Reveals The Extreme Lengths She Took To Gain Weight For Her Role In “More Than Family”

She played the role of a pregnant woman in her upcoming film!

f(x)‘s Krystal recently starred in the film, More Than Family, which required her to play the role of To Il, who is a pregnant woman in her fifth month.

In an interview about the movie, Krystal confessed that she felt burdened by the role by that the content was so interesting that she accepted the part right away.

When I received the character of a pregnant woman, I was surprised. I felt burdened by it, too. But once I read the script, I had to say yes right away.

— Krystal

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Krystal also looked back on her experience wearing a maternity belt for the role.

It was hard to keep my legs together, so I ended up sitting like a real pregnant woman. I thought that was fascinating.

— Krystal

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Moreover, Krystal had to stop dieting and begin gaining weight for the part.

I was dieting when I first met the director, but the director told me to stop.

— Krystal

But as someone who is naturally thin, she had to take extra measures in order to gain weight.

So I went to eat out a lot with the director. I ate the main course, had dessert, had more food, had more dessert. I purposely gained weight. I ate 3 to 4 meals a day.

— Krystal

The comedy film is set to premiere on November 12 in Korea.

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