Internet-Famous “Kudasai Girl” Mobbed In South Korea

Fans are concerned for her safety.

Devin Halbal (also known as Hal Baddie) has been a viral content creator and travel influencer on the video-sharing app TikTok for years. Initially, she was famous for her “doll check-ins,” in which she would check in with her followers, whom she affectionately calls “dolls.”

Yet, her fame has only continued to rise after her trip to Japan, as she recorded herself and others with a long selfie stick while saying various words, such as sushi, kimono, etc., followed by “Kudasai,” meaning “please give me” in Japanese. “Kudasai” even caught the attention of P1Harmony‘s Keeho, Intak, and Jiung, who imitated her.

Her next trip is to Busan, South Korea. So, you might hear Devin say “주세요” (juseyo), meaning “please” in Korean, as well as “입니다” (Imnida), meaning “to be” in Korean, more than “Kudasai.” 

While Devin has 771.9K followers on TikTok at the time of writing, she is known worldwide, especially in South Korea, as a viral star. So, she can’t go anywhere without being mobbed.

This has happened on more than one occasion in the time that she has been in Busan.

Devin has shared both videos and photos of what she has referred to as the “Kudasai Kraze.”

Recent viral videos have captured Devin being swarmed by hundreds of excited Korean fans recording and taking photos of her. She has even received gifts, just like an official fanmeeting.

With Devin being mobbed by so many people, some followers have expressed mixed feelings. While they’re excited for Devin to finally receive so much attention and love after so many years, they feel as though she might actually soon need a bodyguard at this rate. It was noticeable that Devin was being given no space in any of the videos.




Followers on both TikTok and Instagram expressed their concerns for Devin’s safety.

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Devin and her followers usually have calm and wholesome interactions when meeting in person. It’s not uncommon for her to meet a fan, record a video together, and upload it to her account. In the case of her recent trips, as she has only gotten more fame, she has let her followers know to meet up in person for a meet and greet if they would like to.

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