Kwanghee Flips Out On A Former Fan Trying To Sell Used ZE:A Merchandise

The former fan was selling EVERYTHING.

On a recent upload of the YouTube series, Nego King, Kwanghee set out to learn about the difficulties of making online sales of used items where he discovered a former fan selling ZE:A merchandise.

During his adventures, Kwanghee met a former ZE:A fan who was attempting to sell an album, a shopping bag, and a banner.

And Kwanghee flipped out in the most hilarious way.

Followed by a moment of silence, Kwanghee shouted,

“You should’ve cherished it!”

— Kwanghee

He even screamed,

“If you were going to do this, you should’ve just used it as a coaster!”

— Kwanghee

And once he calmed down, he asked why she was selling the ZE:A merchandise to which she gave an honest answer.

You haven’t made a comeback in a long time, so I was wrapping up my time as a big fan. I tried to sell the merchandise online, but they wouldn’t sell.

— Former Fan

So Kwanghee offered to buy them from her instead.

Although the former fan was trying to sell everything for 10,000 won (~$8 USD), Kwanghee offered 100,000 won (~$85 USD).

Why? Because of his pride.

I have pride too, you know!

— Kwanghee

Check out the full episode below:

Source: Dispatch