Kwanghee Vents About How Little Money Variety Show Celebrities Make Compared To Actors

He compared his earning potential to that of actor and fellow ZE:A member, Im Siwan.

Kwanghee recently made an appearance on MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo where he dished about the difference in earning potential between himself as a variety star and fellow ZE:A member, Im Siwan, who is active as a successful actor.

On the show, Yoo Jae Suk acknowledged Kwanghee for being the first idol to really establish himself as a variety show star.

But Kwanghee described how difficult it was.

There are many times when you just have to do something even if you don’t want to.

— Kwanghee

And when he was asked to give a word advice to his “hoobaes” who wish to enter the variety scene, Kwanghee was beyond honest.

Don’t even think about making good money in this industry.

— Kwanghee

He even went on to stress how little money he makes compared to Im Siwan.

There’s a huge difference in what you can make compared to actors. Even if I film lots of commercials, I still make as much as Im Siwan when he films one episode of a drama.

— Kwanghee

| @lim_siwang/Instagram

Kwanghee vented that he’s frustrated about other people’s perception of his wealth compared to reality.

People think I own buildings. Yeah right. I leased my place on a deposit basis.

— Kwanghee

So when Yoo Jae Suk asked him to recommend promising prospects for the entertainment industry, Kwanghee shut it down.

We’re busy enough as it is trying to make our own living.

— Kwanghee

| @lim_siwang/Instagram

Kwanghee is successful in his own right as a desired variety show star who recently made Nego King take off with his ruthless humor.

But it was recently announced that he had to leave Nego King due to the many advertisement deals that came in during his time on the show.

Let’s hope Kwanghee’s career only goes up from here!

Source: Insight