Kwanghee receives praise for first appearance on “Infinite Challenge”

Despite receiving initial negative reactions to his casting as the sixth member for MBC‘s Infinite Challenge ZE:A’s Kwanghee‘s is receiving lots of praise his efforts in his first episode, which greatly exceeded netizen expectations. 

Upon hearing Kwanghee was selected as the sixth member for Infinite Challenge, netizens formed a petition to remove him from the show, due to his connection with Yewon, who has recently been heavily criticized for her rude behavior toward Lee Tae Im. Although the petition gained an overwhelmingly large amount of signatures, the petition was never passed.

However, despite the numerous negative reactions toward his selection, Kwanghee continued to give his all on the show as the newest cast member. His effort didn’t go unnoticed, as many of his former netizen critics have now stepped up, applauding his work ethic.

Many netizens found Kwanghee’s first episode with Infinite Challenge hilarious and entertaining, causing them to praise and offer encouragement to Kwanghee for his future work.

Check out some of their comments below:

1. [+31,459, -1,690] Kwanghee worked so hard today..

2. [+24,918, -1,485] He worked so hard and he was funny to boot, Kwanghee fighting!!

3. [+21,311, -1,372] Funny episode today ㅋㅋ

4. [+19,364, -1,230] Fun episode, fighting!!!

5. [+18,354, -1,309] Kwanghee hyung is funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+4,344, -362] It was sad seeing Kwanghee be overly careful in case he gets hate.. ㅠㅠ

7. [+4,415, -457] Not a fan but I’ve been watching him since his Olive show MC just because I’m a fan of cooking. I always thought he was a witty person, nothing more or less, but after seeing how much hate he was getting before this show, I was determined to support him. He did nothing wrong and the criticisms against him were so unwarranted. People were so mad all because the person they wanted didn’t get the job. It’s not right to take that out on him.

8. [+3,946, -346] I like that they took the show back to its classic style, it was really fun

9. [+3,701, -387] It was honestly fun! Don’t hate on him without seeing the episode first

10. [+3,593, -304] You can tell he was trying really hard to work.


Sources: TV Report