Kwanghee Expresses Shock Over His “Inaccurate” Script And Corrects It Live On The Air

“Wait, what is this script saying?”

At MBC Entertainment Awards, Kwanghee appeared as a host with Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee to award the Best Dressed Award.

And as an introduction, Seunghee made a remark about Kwanghee’s love for producer Kim Tae Ho of the successful variety show, Infinite Challenge as we as his current project, Hangout With Yoo.

According to the rumors, you only want to work with producer Kim Tae Ho.

— Seunghee

As Kwanghee made clear many times on TV, he loves Kim Tae Ho as a producer and would die to work with him.

But Kwanghee followed his script which suggested otherwise.

I don’t like producer Kim Tae Ho as much as I used to?

— Kwanghee

And he denied it right on the spot.

Wait, what is this script saying?

— Kwanghee

He then corrected his script with how he truly feels about Kim Tae Ho.

Which is his unwavering love.

I love producer Kim Tae Ho. Where are you? Are you watching? Please hire me again, Director. I love you.

— Kwanghee

Netizens are loving Kwanghee’s unapologetic improvisation and are reacting with comments such as “He’s actually hilarious“, “Kwanghee is the real deal“, and “Kwanghee is so cute“.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch