Here’s The Real Reason Why Kwanghee Appears In So Many Variety Shows

There’s a reason why Kwanghee tries so hard.

Ever since Kwanghee returned from the military, he appeared on all sorts of different variety shows such as Hangout With Yoo and Nego King and brought much laughter to those staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in various online communities, a clip of Kwanghee’s confession of what makes him the happiest and why he appears in so many variety shows resurfaced.

And it sheds light on why Kwanghee works so hard during his TV appearances.

In the clip of MBC‘s Like Likes Like, Kwanghee explained,

I’ve never said this before. I’m the happiest when I say or do something funny and the staff and cast members clap their hands and laugh their heads off.

— Kwanghee

And when he revealed the reason why he appears in so many variety shows without stop, it made fans tear up.

I feel like I never meet people’s expectations.

— Kwanghee

He added,

I got a good opportunity once, but I felt like I didn’t do a good job.

— Kwanghee

It turns out that Kwanghee felt burdened and apologetic for disappointing people, and as a result, he works extra hard.

In response, Eun Ji Won advised,

I think you should be more honest to your feelings. You don’t have to act happy when you’re not.

— Eun Ji Won

Kwanghee is famous for his bright and upbeat personality, and he’s currently bringing laughter to many viewers through various Korean variety shows.

Source: Insight