Kwon Eunbi’s Choreography For Her Solo Track “Door” Makes Headlines For Its Difficulty

“This looks so dangerous.”

Kwon Eunbi has finally, finally made her highly anticipated solo debut and everyone has been raving about her track! Her visuals, her vocals, her dance moves — need we say more? And while her song has only been out for one day, Kwon Eunbi has been making headlines for all the good reasons all thanks to her near-perfect solo debut.

Kwon Eunbi | Woollim Entertainment

In addition to all of the positive attention, however, is one part of her debut that is receiving viral attention for its intensity. During one part of her choreography, Kwon Eunbi gets hoisted up in the air by 4 of her male backup dancers. While this alone may seem dangerous on its own, the dancers then move the former IZ*ONE member into different poses, almost as if she was a marionette doll.

And while the choreography doesn’t last long, Korean netizens couldn’t help but express their concerns for the singer due to the difficulty of the dance.

| theqoo
  • “This look so dangerous.”
  • “What is going on with the choreography…”
  • “It looks dangerous.”
  • “She’s going to break something doing that…what was her label thinking.”
  • “The dance is pretty? But it just looks dangerous…”
  • “The choreography is hard for the singer, it’s hard for the dancers, and it’s hard for the people who are watching.”
| Woollim Entertainment

While we agree that the choreography looks cool, let’s hope that she stays safe throughout all of her performances. Check out Kwon Eunbi’s solo debut showcase, where she performs her title track “Door” down below!

Source: theqoo