Kwon Eunbi Denies Dating Rumors With “Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young And Names Her True Ideal Type

She shuts down the rumors in an iconic way.

Soloist Kwon Eunbi recently appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star, where the MCs asked her about her friendship with Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex), who captured the hearts of fans around the world when he appeared on Netflix‘s hit reality dating program, Single’s Inferno 2.

Kwon Eunbi and Dex quickly garnered interest from netizens, who were amused with their natural on-screen chemistry after the two same-age stars appeared on a few variety programs together.

Kwon Eunbi (left) and Single’s Inferno star Kim Jin Young (right) | Dex’s Fridge

Their fun banter and Dex’s playful flirting had many netizens hoping to see more of their friendship and led Korean media outlets to write numerous articles about the two stars.

The Radio Star hosts wanted to know what Kwon Eunbi thought about the articles, and she again shut down any dating speculations by stating they’re “just good friends” while hilariously adding that she had seen him flirting with guests on a different variety program recently.

She jokingly shared that she often tells Dex that his flirtatious nature is “what’s wrong with [him],” showing their close friendship.

I saw he went on another variety show and was flirting (with other guests). I thought that type of behavior was wrong, so I always tell him, ‘That’s what’s wrong with you,’ but I think that he’s just flirty by nature.

— Kwon Eunbi

The Radio Star hosts then asked Kwon Eunbi to describe her ideal type, and she replied, “I like someone who is cute. I prefer someone with a tofu-like image.

She then surprised the hosts when she revealed that actor Song Joong Ki fits the ideal type she had described.

Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

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