Kwon Eunbi Drops “Eternity” Lyric Poster And Track Video For First Solo Mini Album “OPEN”

Fans can’t wait for this album release!

Woollim Entertainment recently released a lyric poster and track video for Kwon Eunbi’s first mini album, OPEN. The lyric photo reveals Kwon Eunbi’s hand touching a flower along with a positive message that read, “Now you and I and we will always be together.”

| @KWONEUNBI/Twitter

The “Eternity” track video showed off her doll-like visuals in the dazzling sunlight among bright flowers, while her previously revealed track video for “AMIGO” gave off a black chic mood. Kwon Eunbi’s first solo mini album will release on August 24 at 6 PM KST.

Source: sports khan