Here Is Kwon Eunbi’s Strength And Weakness, According To Her IZ*ONE Member Minju

Minju knows her so well!

Prior to making her solo debut, Kwon Eunbi is best known as the leader of IZ*ONE, and who would know her better than her own members?

Eunbi and Hyewon | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Eunbi recently made her solo debut, and appeared on SBS‘s Official Request, hosted by Cho Jung Shik!

Cho Jung Shik and Eunbi

For one of the segments of the show, Eunbi called her friends to ask them questions about herself and her solo debut, and the first one she called was none other than Minju!

Minju | @minn.__.ju/Instagram

When Minju answered the call, Cho Jung Shik asked her,

Can you tell us what you think is one strength and one weakness that Eunbi has?

—Cho Jung Shik

After thinking for a while, Minju gave her opinion on Eunbi’s strengths and weaknesses! For her strong point, Minju said that Eunbi’s a good person!

For her strength, she’s a good person!


And for her weakness, Minju sweetly answered how her good nature can be a weakness sometimes.

She is too nice.


Eunbi is such a sweetheart to her members!

She made her solo debut with “Door”.

Watch the MV here!