BTS’s Jin And Actor Yoo Seung Ho Gifts Kwon Hyunbin A Coffee Cart — Here’s How They All Became Friends

A surprising combination of friends.

BTS‘s Jin and actor Yoo Seung Ho recently gifted actor and singer Kwon Hyunbin (also known as VIINI) a coffee cart on the set of his new flick, The Red Cuff Sleeve.

He took to his Instagram to post the photos, along with the caption, “Thank you sincerely, hyungs.

He did not forget to pose in costume, even pointing at the banner. The banner humorously reads “Superstar Kim Seokjin and national actor Yoo Seung Ho cheers on ordinary Kwon Hyunbin.

| @komurola/Instagram

Despite the teasing, the three of them seem to be solid friends. Just how did this odd combination of friends come to be? Kwon Hyunbin previously shared that his friendship with Jin started off when he was asked to join a group of male idols that loved gaming. The group includes Park Jihoon, BTOB‘s Eunkwang, BTS’s Jin and VIXX‘s Ken.

On the other hand, him, Jin and Yoo Seung Ho got close due to their common interest — staying indoors at home. The three also love animals. Kwon Hyunbin shared that they were all pretty quiet as people, so they got along well.

What a surprising friendship!

Source: theqoo