“Disgraced” Idol Who Was Canceled For Dating Fan And Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment Clears Name — Marries Fan

“He must have suffered so much from the injustice…”

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Former N.Flying member Kwon Kwangjin (also known as Kwangjin) revealed the truth behind long-standing sexual harassment allegations.

Kwon Kwangjin | @healthy_kkj/Instagram

Recently, Kwon Kwangjin appeared on a YouTube show.

Previously, Kwon Kwangjin faced allegations that he had sexually harassed fans during a fan sign event.

I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even talk about it until now. Around last winter, Kwon, who was not even my bias, kept flirting with me at fansign events, asking me out and telling me not to date my boyfriend. During one fansign, the tables were set particularly close. He was saying let’s be in a fake relationship, and then he said no, let’s be in a real relationship instead, and while he was saying this, he locked my knees between his legs and bounced them. I’m getting the shivers just thinking about it again. That’s sexual harassment, you jerk. If you did that in front of 100 people at a fansign, I can’t imagine how he normally treated his fans

— Fan allegation

As the rumors grew, eventually Kwon Kwangjin was kicked out of N.Flying after it was revealed that the idol was dating a fan.

Fans Accuse N.Flying’s Kwangjin Of Sexual Assault, Dating Scandals And More, Demand Removal From Group

Kwon Kwangjin, however, maintained his innocence and denied the sexual harassment allegations. Eventually, the former idol successfully sued the fans in court.

In the YouTube video, the former idol made a shocking announcement by announcing he ended up marrying the fan that he was alleged to have sexually harassed.

I was dating a fan (at the time). I fell in love due to her beauty. That fan is currently my wife. Because we were taught never to date fans, I lied about the relationship but later got caught.

— Kwon Kwangjin

Kwon Kwangjin then revealed the truth behind his sexual harassment allegations.

The sexual harassment allegations are rumors that were made up by a fan. The person who started the rumor online is my wife’s close unnie. She was also a fan, but I think she became jealous once she learned of my relationship with my wife. I was shocked by the baseless allegations and sued her.

— Kwon Kwangjin

Netizens reacted to the video with many expressing horror at the false allegations and criticized the “Unnie” for making up the rumors.

  • “That’s so horrifying.”
  • “He must have suffered so much from the injustice.”
  • “Wow, the injustice.”
  • “Wow, his wife is a successful fan.”
  • “He must have really been sincere if he ended up marrying the fan.  The rumors must have felt like an injustice.”
  • “Wow, that unnie is a horrible person… How can she make up sexual harassment rumors?”
  • “What is up with that unnie‘s jealousy? She is such a horrible person.”
  • “Wow, that is crazy. How can you spread that type of rumor?”

What are your thoughts? You can watch Kwon Kwangjin’s full episode in the link below.

Source: theqoo