Kwon Mina’s Agency Confirms She Is Being Treated At The Hospital And Her Life Is Not In Danger

They confirmed she is currently safe.

Woori Actors has confirmed Kwon Mina is currently at the hospital and is receiving treatment, and her life is not in any threat at the moment.

In brief statements made to TV Daily and Osen late on August 8, Woori Actors confirmed Kwon Mina is currently safe.

Kwon Mina is currently receiving treatment at the emergency room of a hospital near her residence. She is in a situation right now where it is not life-threatening. Please do not worry about it.

— Woori Actors

Earlier today, Kwon Mina revealed a new picture of her self-harm injuries, which prompted concern from fans and her agency. Her agency immediately called authorities and had emergency personnel check in on her as soon as possible.

Source: TV Daily and Osen